I guess you can say
JENNY has a bubble butt.

Here's a few pictures from a great movie that JENNY did. It's for a site called Bubble Butts Galore. I'm making a few assumptions... no pun intended. One is that you're not completely retarded. If you are, I'm not sure you should be at this site. Two, that you know what a site called BubbleButtsGalore.com is all about. In this one, we get a glimpse of Jenny's ass, something that isn't always highlighted in her movies. in fact I was very surprised to see at what a perfect ass she has. I knew it was nice, but as you can see from this following picture, Jenny Hendrix's ass is PERFECT. I just want to chew on it!

Now the other nice thing about this set, is that it features 2 girls. And from what I can tell in the previes, no dudes. I'm a fan of the lesbo shit but it has to be done well. I don't like to just watch a couple girls smoosh bush or anything. They need to be sensual. It's always the best if the 2 girls are lovers in real life. Then you get the extra passion. This is pretty damn close. You can tell when they kiss that the 2 girls are attracted to each other. It's like there is a whole new dynamic to the site now. Not only is it all about asses in general, but they throw in some lesbian stuff in there too. And when you go to their home page BubbleButtsGalore.com you will see the girls having sex with the guys, doing anal, taking a load to the face... everything is there. Great site IMO and even better since they decided to get Jenny on there. If you're looking for her on their tour, she's on the second page, about 3 down. Remember though, that the site updates, so it could be moved down by the time you read this.

Jenny measuring the other girl's ass Jenny Hendrix in her black g string jenny kissing hot lesbian 

I have a couple more
Bubble Butts Jenny Hendrix

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In the above banner we see a couple of interesting things. Besides girls like Jen, I notice Sophie Dee! She's another great girl that enjoys getting pounded by random men. I have even see her do some interracial stuff where the black dude's dick is as big as my arm. It's pretty crazy. She has also done some stuff with the famous Spring Thomas another thing I would like to point out is that there is a logo for "HD" movies. So you can enjoy all the bubble butts in 100% high-definition. Pretty spiffy!

another pic of jenny's ass

While I don't have a membership to this site, that doesn't mean you shouldn't check it out. Especially if you're into big oiled up asses. But remember, that's just the tip of the iceberg for this site. From the previews page you can see the girl's getting fucked, doing anal while their asses are oiled up, sucking guys off, etc etc. You get the idea. Since I'm such a Jenny freak, I am going through and joining one site at a time that has content of her and doing my best to give an honest opinion on it. So far there hasn't been one site that isn't worth the 30$ for a membership. And trust me, if there was a dud in there I would be the first to tell you. Keep poking around and having fun on my page!

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