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On my last page we talked about how Jenny likes to give handjobs. Not only on set, but in her personal life too. And funny thing is, I like to receive them in my personal life too! We would be a good match. If you wanted to get a little more involved with her, then you might want to move on to some clips of her getting fucked. Can I deliver? Of course I can. With a little help from my friends at 18yearsold.com I got some great pics and movies of Jenny getting pounded by some lucky dude. And I will give you a litle blow by blow of the movie. If you're lucky I will link to it as well

This whole thing starts out like so many other porn movies on the net. jenny is sitting on a porno couch getting interviewed by the guy who's holding the camera. I don't know why so many sites do this, but I personally don't care what the director has to say, or what he thinks. Most time they bring nothing to the table. So jenny is sitting on the couch and starting to strip. As she takes off her shirt, I hear "cute boobies" from the director. Trying to keep wood while the director talks is hard. If it wasn't a movie with Miss Hendrix in it, I would have to start from scratch getting my boner going again. LOL But man, there's something about her tits that sort of remind me of when I first got to see tits. They're perky, nipples are puffy... they're like new out of the box as they would say on ebay or whatever. Meaning those tits are fresh!

 interview with Jenny 
See the entire movie of Jenny geting fucked

No more talking!
Let's see her get humped!

Okay okay, I am with you. All this talk has just made me a sexually frustrated surfer. I want the good shit and I want it now. But what good is it if you don't have a little teasing first. You know what happens when you don't get teased a little before sex. Your cum shot drizzles out like a 70 year old's pathetic attempt at giving the nurse a facial. Yup, that bad. So why not enjoy Jenny giving a little head before she opens her legs to let you slide in. That's what I thought, thank me later. And if you're married your wife will hate me cause now you will be able to cover her whole damn face. And we know that 99% of married women hate cum on their face, well their husband's cum anyway. ZING!

 a blowjob hendrix style 

Now here we go. Jenny is laying on her back and as you can see her pussy is totally bald. God she's hot. And it looks like she can take a big cock without squirming or making an "ouchy" face. But the ouchy face is fun to see on a girl's face when you're fucking her. And the angle on this movie is good too. I can imagine myself blowing a few gallons of jizz all over her tits. I would probably spider web her pussy too. What's that? Don't know what a spider web is? Well, it's when your hands are full of cum and you sort of fling off the cum in the general direction of your sexual partner. If you have enough velocity on your fling, you will be able to launch it right onto her. But the uneven weight and gravitational force of the jizz will leave it lying in a very abstract pattern. Sort of like an old spider web. Hence the term "spider webbing". Just think if Peter Parker's wrists shot out jizz instead of spider webs. Crime would be rampant and MJ would be a sticky mess.

Jenny slapping her pussy 

This is a snap shot from the final movie in this series. And as you can see, our girl Jen is busy riding the lucky fella in a reverse cowgirl fashion. I'm not sure why they call it reverse cowgirl, but that's the industry term. The great thing about this able is that you can see the dude's cock going directly into the snatch of 18 year old Jenny Hendrix. Her cunt is shaved and gobbling up all 8" inches of the guys schlong. The best part about this last clip though is that half way through, Jenny sort of loses her mind and slaps her pussy a few times. Man if any chick ever started doing that when I was hitting skins, i would prolly lose my load right there. Which would be a pretty awesome thing too. Not sure how the chick would react since you're sort of ending everything at the height of her pleasure. But fuck, I don't think any 18 year old girl was ever into that back when I was 18. I don't think most even knew that slapping their puss would be a turn on for them, let alon the dude she's banging. So girls, if you are reading this, give your ham wallet a little slap now and then. Your dude will thank you for it.

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