This appearence with Jenny gets a little crazy!

When JENNY appeared on I was pretty excited. I had seen this site, I have heard my wasted friends talk about this site at parties, but I have never taken a close look. When searching for sites with Jen Hendrix in them, I was happy to find this gem. The premise is realively simple. Get some random dudes, usually black... give them some booze, usually 40 ozs of malt liquor, and then bring in a hot chick. Press record on the camera and document what happens. And boy, I have to say, it's WILD. I don't know if it's the liquor that does it for the guys, and the fact the guys are black is what's doing it for the girls, but these movies are intense. Throw Jennie Hendrix into the mix and we got a winner. Although this is sort of similar to the BubbleButtsGalore site, it's WAY more hardcore. You have been warned.

A nice blowjob from Jenn Hendrix pouring a 40oz on Jenny's ass while she's fucked from behind

The story goes like this. The crew of bruthas were driving around looking for some fun. But their ride was dirty as fuck and there's no way they can pull hos with a dirty whip. SO they drive around looking for one of those ghetto car washes. You know the ones, "donations only". Usually it's for less priviledged kids trying to get into a nicer school. Or someone was gunned down and the baby's momma didn't have the scratch to pay for the burial. ANYWAY, they find this little market on the corner and there is this hot as chick (enter jenny Hendrix) out holding the sign for the car wash. So they boys pull in right away. They start spitting game at her and she seems into it. So they take the next step and start flirting with her a little more. You know, pouring soap all over her nice lil booty. Or spraying her down with the hose. You can tell she was way into it too. So they take it a bit further and ask if she wasnts to get outta that place. And it was about quitting time already so she jumps in the car and off to their apartment complex for more!!

Jenny getting fucked in a spooning position

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Where's Jenny 

I saw this banner and I had to grab it when I looked at it carefully. It was like a where's waldo game for me. But it was more like "Where's Jenny". I did some fancy photshop work for those who aren't SUPER FANS like myself. The big hot pink arrow pointing at Jenny will let you know where she is ahaha. I gotta give props to the guys at They make her ass look GREAT.

Big ol' booty tap dat ass fo sho

If you are a fan of black dudes fucking hot white chicks (and there's also black chicks on the site as well) then click to and check that shit out. It's really a well made site. Plus you get access to a ton of other sites as well. FreaksOfCock, just to mention a few. The quality of the pics can't be beat. And they're not using any tricks to make a small butt look bigger. Those are real asses. Those aren't photochopped. And the videos are really awesome. Full length runs about 20 minutes for each episode. They are well light, well produced and have some seriously hot hot girls. Once you sign up, you can thank me later for all the fun you'll have. And your wife will hate me when she has to clean up all the jizz in your tube socks!

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