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So let's go over a few things. First being, if you are on my Jenny Hendrix fan page, we have something in common. We both love the same very sexy porn star. If you are a fan of hand jobs, or hand sex, then we have a couple things in common. I have talked about this before, but one of the sexist things a girl can do is give you a good rubdown. When I look back at my life, getting a handjob was one of the first sexual things I did with a girl. I suppose felling some bare tits came first, but that's nothing. I count a real sexual experience as something that you can get off to. I don't know many people that just can rub some tits and blow their load. That's just me. And shit, do they even make porn movies about guys that get off on rubbing chicks tits? Naw, I didn't think so. But I'm starting to digress from the main point of this site... and that's one special sex freak named Jenny Hendrix. Jennifer OOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (see De La Soul for the meaning of that).

SO here Bree is starting out with her lovely handjob movies. She's already topless, these ManoJob guys cut right to the chase which I like a lot, and she's stroking a nice sized cock. But you can tell she's all worked up and can't control her self, so she pops the cock in her mouth for a quick taste / tease. But it comes back out pretty fast and then she spits all over it. The lucky stunt cock grab's Bree's tits and she loves it. She tell him, Squeeze these big ass titties, the whole time looking right into the camera so you can really get into the video. It's like she's talking directly to you.

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So as you can see there is another babe in the movie. Who's that girl you ask? Well none other than the very popular, very world famous, very black cock whore Ruth Blackwell! aka Erin Moore. Ruth is famous for being a black cock slut that actually got impregnated doing a black male. Not too big of a deal. Happens everyday you say, well how about if her boyfriend is white. Yup, she was cheatin' on him with the bruthas and one got her preggos. But enough about that. I am more interested in how Jenni handles a cock in this movie. And if you're watching the same thing I am, you are ready for another handjob movie. So let's take a look, shall we?


So as we move along, things get more interesting. Things start to get hot. And we get to see a nice pair of tits. Who's 18 year old boobies are those? you guessed it, none other than Jenny Hendrix's boobs. And even though they're not DD, or even C's for that matter, they're still super hot. Personally I am more into girls that have a nice, normal rack compared to those who just have some retarded silly-cone fun bags. But I know dudes who only date chicks that have huge knockers. To each their own I suppose. But the thing I love about Jenny so much is that even though she's got smallish tits, she's not afraid to use them. And how the fuck do you use tits? Well, to rub them up and down against a hard dick. It's standard handjob fodder. Or it also goes great with a BJ. Speaking of blowjobs, have you seen TheDickSuckers? It's really a great site.


If you're wondering what the above movie it, it's just a free preview movie on ManoJob promoting the Jenny Hendrix handjob. It's the promo for the movie with Erin Moore. I included this one because it's got a few more cuts with Jenny. Things that aren't in the other clips, appear in this trailer. Plus it's got some funny parts to it. Like the intro for the porn trailer. Well, I don't think there is much more that I can fit into this page concerning the Jenny Hendrix handjob clips I found so I will end the random thoughts and text with a few extra pics. I hope you enjoy them.

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