Barefoot Maniacs with Jenny Hendrix!!

To be honest, I'm not really a big foot fan. But there is something that I really like in this set and that's Jenny Hendrix. She looks extremely hot on this page. I don't know if it's the matching bra and panty set, or her extra special hair and make-up treatment but she looks good. And this one isn't ONLY about feet. There's some normal sex in it too... not that I'm knocking you feet guys, well you get the picture.

Her smiling face, I wonder why LOL

Like I said, it's not 100% feet only here. There are some great movies of Jenny doing "normal" hardcore sex stuff. Like in that picture above. She looks pretty happy eh? Girls do love it when you eat their pussy. And even though Jenny is a porn star and is getting banged all the time, a little lick on the puss still makes her a happy girl. Why shouldn't it? I just want to be the lucky guy in that red bandana. Maybe not though, he looks kinda haggard. But still, I wouldn't mind lapping between her legs for a solid 45 minutes. When I saw this free gallery, I started looking at the entire site. And they have some hot girls on it. JENNY HENDRIX is the hottest though. Jenna Haze would be the next on my list though. So anyway, continue reading and you will get to see some more pics and links to free jenny hendrix stuff. Aren't I the best internet friend you have?

jenny in a matching bra and panty set foot fetish fucking matching panty set 2

Jenny Hendrix Foot Fetish

Just from looking at the banner above you have to agree with me that Barefoot Maniacs does have quite the plethora of hotties. Just from a quick glance I see Jenna Haze, Kiley Hart and the scrumptious Kara Bear. So even if FEET aren't your thing this site is worth checking into anyway. So as you can see this set has Jenny and her man doing a little bit of everything. The first few pics are just show Jenny in her matching bra and panty set. Something I have already commented on how hot it is. But then things start to progress. The man in the red bandana starts making out with Jenny's feet. While he's into it, Jenny seems to really enjoy it a lot. She's laughing and smiling the whole time. But of course as the foot kissing dies down a little bit and the real sex stars, she gets WAY into it. Just look at jenny's face as her man gently pulls down her pantys past her knees. You can see her pussy glimmering with wetness. Yah, she's into it. As soon as the guys cock is whipped out, Jenny has it in her mouth. And for the foot guys, she's proudly displaying her feet for everyone to see.

she's getting her feet licked getting fucked but still see her feet

That second picture from above is a great pics on so many different levels. 1 is that, well Jenny is getting fucked doggy style. Always a great position. 2 is that the pic not only caters to fans of standard porn, but the main focus of the shot is Jenny's feet wrapped tightly around the leg of the guy behind her. She's holding on with her feet esentially. Super hot. 3rd is that you see her cute little tattoo. I'm not a big fan of cartoons, but I searched around and found out that the little kitty on her ankle is "Hello Kitty". Some cute-sy little japanese cartoon about a cat and her friends, whatever. And the 4th and final reason is that although you can't see JENNY's face, you can tell she's loving the big cock that's fucking her from behind. It's almost hidden by the guys arm too. Adding a sense of mystery to it. The image makes you determine who it is. It makes you think about what's really going on etc et. Can you tell I was a art student at a shitty school in the midwest? THought so LOL.


thin pic 1 thin pic 2 the last picture of jennys feet

All of these pictures are curtesy of gallery.
Be kind and check them out.

That's all I can really put together for a foot fetish page. Jenny is hot, her feet are hot and her getting plowed by a big schlong is hot too. But like I said, that barefoot site is really well done. If you find yourself looking at these pics and being turned on at all, I would check out their site. They offer a free trial so you can see exactly what you are going to get. I did that, but ended up being a member for about 4 months. I'm still a member too.

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